Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

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A lot of the work we perform in our office is restorative in nature. When consulting with patients, Dr. Mathew provides in-depth information that will help each individual understand their dental condition. In addition to discussing the existing problem and proposed treatment for correction, Dr. Mathew will talk with patients about how to keep teeth and gums healthy through routine care and oral hygiene. Assisting our patients with the highest level of personal dental attention is important to us. 

Why restorative care may be needed 

There is more to the average tooth than meets the eye. When you look at your teeth, you see the hard outer layer of enamel. Enamel is the hardest substance found in the human body. It is ideal for the preservation of healthy teeth. Beneath enamel is dentin. We often refer to this as a "softer" material because it is, in fact, less harder than enamel. Dentin, however, is about as hard as bone. Clearly, each of these parts of the tooth are pretty strong. That being the case, why do so many people need restorative dental care?

Time, foods, oral habits, bacteria and other factors all impact the health and longevity of natural teeth. One of the most significant factors in tooth damage is oral bacteria. Literally hundreds of different types of bacteria may be present in a person's mouth at any given time. It is the imbalance of bacteria that leads to an overly acidic environment. Acidity is extremely rough on enamel and dentin. When the acidic byproduct of oral bacteria sits on teeth, enamel breaks down and a cavity forms. On the gums, this acidity weakens the hold that gum tissue has on teeth, leading to inflammation and infection that does not easily heal. 

Getting your best smile is easy

Patients who visit Athens TLC Dental will find that our experienced team offers all aspects of restorative dentistry. At the heart of our practice is a dedication to conservative care. Assessing damage, Dr. Mathew considers how to replicate natural structure with strong, durable and lifelike materials that will assure long lasting function. From tooth colored fillings to crowns and bridges to root canal therapy, we place your comfort and peace of mind in a position of priority.

Don't let dental problems linger. Contact our office for early intervention that will preserve your best smile. 

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"I have always been very nervous about dental appointments, but Dr. Mathew and her team were so gentle and caring, that by the end of my appointment I was laughing and having fun. I told my friends, I never had so much fun at a Dental appointment before and they wanted to see who this Dentist is. So I brought my friend with me on my next visit and he got to see how Dr. Mathew and her team go the extra mile to make it a caring and fun filled atmosphere. "

- Jackie

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