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 When you visit Athens TLC Dental, you will see that our first goal is to establish a strong relationship built on respect and trust. We believe in listening to you, in respecting your feelings, and understanding your concerns. Rather than judge decisions that may have affected your oral health, we seek to educate you on the appropriate care of teeth and gums.

Dr. Mathew understands you may be anxious visiting the dentist. During routine visits and consultations, she places priority on the thoughtful consideration of your concerns and the thorough explanation of the treatment(s) suited to your situation. Additionally, she takes the time to answer all of your questions. Only when you feel fully confident in your selection of services will she take you through your treatment with the utmost of care.

We are fortunate to have numerous relaxation methods and precision techniques available to maximize your comfort. Uncertainty and fear regarding dental care diminishes the more involved you become in your treatment plan. We are available to answer all of your questions and happy to help you move toward your best smile. 

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Why choose a Prosthodontist for your general and cosmetic dental needs

In your quest to find a qualified cosmetic dentist, you may have encountered an overwhelming variety of claims. A large majority of dentists may present themselves as cosmetic specialists, but every practitioner may have a varied level of skill and technical ability.

The official description of a prosthodontist with the American Dental Association is a practitioner whose focus is the cosmetic and functional repair or reconstruction of broken, discolored, or missing teeth. This type of dentist has mastered the art of complete oral rehabilitation and can maintain the highest standard of care.

Upon her graduation from the New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Anita Mathew completed an additional three years of rigorous training in the specialty of prosthodontics at University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. Through her advanced clinical experience, she has gained a special understanding of the perfect balance between art and technique in the dynamics of a smile. 

A prosthodontist may be the ideal dental professional for your cosmetic and restorative needs if you: 

  •  Have more complex dental problems that require treatment
  • Want to maximize the appearance and function of your smile
  • Insist on a high level of general dental care designed around your needs
  • Have high expectations of your dental team
While Dr. Mathew's training includes complex dental needs, she also handles the general dental care each patient requires. 

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