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Children's Dentistry Athens

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Children's dentistry services benefit developing smiles

In every stage of life, oral hygiene is an important aspect of health and wellness. Parents are encouraged to see baby teeth as valuable as they do permanent teeth. These temporary fixtures in the mouth are there for a reason, and simply because they are there, we see good reason to offer the very best children's dentistry services to our Athens patients. 

The important role of baby teeth

Baby teeth are in the mouth for a relatively short time. Even so, they serve a vital purpose in oral development. Their presence enables the toddler to learn proper speaking and chewing habits. These teeth serve as guides to permanent teeth, holding space for the larger teeth while the jaw develops and expands. Until all baby teeth have been replaced by adult teeth, they require routine care aimed at the prevention of uncomfortable dental issues. 

Caring for your child's baby teeth

Most babies develop their first teeth by the age of nine months. Earlier than six months and later than one year is also normal. Typically, the two lower teeth are seen first, followed by the top two. As new teeth make their way through the gums, it is common for the child to experience some degree of irritation. We are happy to meet with you to discuss ways to improve your baby's comfort through the teething process.

Oral care actually begins before teething! After your baby is fed, gums should be gently cleaned with a soft, moist cloth. Once teeth begin to grow in, they should be brushed daily with a soft toothbrush designed for infant care. At this time, you should make your child's first dental appointment. 

Early dental care

The primary intent of children's dental care is to prevent oral disease. At Athens TLC Dental, Dr. Mathew performs routine exams, demonstrates brushing technique, and performs preventive treatment such as dental sealants to keep teeth in their healthiest condition. Because caries can travel quickly through the enamel of baby teeth toward softer dentin, it is important that children see their dentist every six months.

It is important to us to provide gentle care in a nurturing environment. We do not take lightly our responsibility in helping your child develop a positive attitude toward dentistry. When you visit our office, you can feel confident knowing we will keep your child comfortable.

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"I have always been very nervous about dental appointments, but Dr. Mathew and her team were so gentle and caring, that by the end of my appointment I was laughing and having fun. I told my friends, I never had so much fun at a Dental appointment before and they wanted to see who this Dentist is. So I brought my friend with me on my next visit and he got to see how Dr. Mathew and her team go the extra mile to make it a caring and fun filled atmosphere. "

- Jackie

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