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Smile Makeover

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Many people today have something about their smiles they would like to improve. If you have chipped teeth, discoloration that is aging your smile, missing teeth, gaps, or other concerns, Dr. Anita Mathew has solutions that can fit your budget, your schedule, and your lifestyle! Don't let the term Smile Makeover scare you. Numerous cosmetic treatments can dramatically enhance the beauty of your teeth. Some can be done in just a visit or two! 

Tooth-colored fillings

Fillings may be intended for restructuring teeth damaged by cavities, but there is no reason to settle for obvious restorations if you don't have to. At Athens TLC Dental, we customize fillings to the individual patient. These fillings, made from a putty-like composite resin material, are shaded to match surrounding enamel. When applied to the tooth, composite is shaped and trimmed before it is cured with light. Once hardened to the tooth, this filling provides structure and strength along with the most discreet appearance.

There are several reasons that more and more people choose tooth-colored fillings: 
  • Composite looks just like natural enamel so the tooth doesn't change in appearance
  • The technique used is minimally invasive, requiring very little reduction of the tooth compared to an amalgam filling
  • Composite resin consists of tiny particles of glass and acrylic, making it a wonderful mercury and metal-free option
  • Provides excellent structural support as well as protection against temperature changes


The fastest way to see a wonderful change to your appearance is to disguise smile imperfections with porcelain veneers. The process of making over teeth with custom designed veneers may take only two visits. These ultra-thin sheets of porcelain are made based on precise data and models obtained in your smile analysis and consultation with Dr. Mathew. Using the most advanced dental ceramic, master craftsman in our reputable lab carve veneers to reshape, resize, or recolor teeth as needed to achieve your desired look. Once sent to our office, veneers are assessed, perfected, and bonded to your teeth, letting you resume your life with newfound confidence!

We have several ways to help you love your smile. To learn more about the cosmetic dental services offered at Athens TLC Dental, contact us today. 

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"I have always been very nervous about dental appointments, but Dr. Mathew and her team were so gentle and caring, that by the end of my appointment I was laughing and having fun. I told my friends, I never had so much fun at a Dental appointment before and they wanted to see who this Dentist is. So I brought my friend with me on my next visit and he got to see how Dr. Mathew and her team go the extra mile to make it a caring and fun filled atmosphere. "

- Jackie

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