General Dentistry

General dentistry

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We want you and your family to feel welcomed and relaxed when you visit Athens TLC Dental for general, cosmetic or restorative care. Our team places a great deal of importance on prevention. Using our extensive education and experience, we seek to understand the challenges you face today as well as those you may face in the future. Working together, we foster trust and respect through which your smile can shine. 

Teeth cleanings

For the most part, general dentistry is preventative in nature. Routine check-ups and cleanings are designed to identify problems as early as possible and prevent their progression, if not prevent them altogether. When your teeth and gums are healthy, your body is better able to resist infection, inflammation and disease. We like to schedule cleanings every six months as this gives us the best chance at removing plaque before it can harden to tartar. The professional cleaning goes beyond what is possible at home, significantly cutting your risk of cavities and gum disease. 

Oral cancer screenings

We believe that there is more to consider during routine exams than the condition of teeth and gums. Dr. Mathew also performs a thorough oral cancer screening during six-month recall visits. This exam carefully examines the soft tissues in the mouth and also areas in the jaw and neck as needed to quickly identify suspicious lumps or lesions. The earlier treatment for oral cancer begins, the better the outcome of care. 

Dental Emergencies

Should you experience any type of urgent dental need, it is important to know how to handle your situation. We understand there are times when care must be provided promptly. Whether this is a tooth that has been dislodged or knocked out or it is an intense toothache that is keeping you from performing daily tasks, we offer care that will eliminate pain and correct the underlying oral condition that has brought you to our office.

Dr. Mathew and our team do everything we can to treat urgent problems very quickly. As much as possible, we will see you within hours of your call to our office. If you experience an unexpected dental concern on the weekend or at night, please contact our office for assistance. We can advise you on the management of your condition and schedule you for care right away.

We appreciate that you trust us with the health of your smile. Call our office today to schedule your check-up and cleaning with Dr. Mathew. 

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General Dentistry

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"I have always been very nervous about dental appointments, but Dr. Mathew and her team were so gentle and caring, that by the end of my appointment I was laughing and having fun. I told my friends, I never had so much fun at a Dental appointment before and they wanted to see who this Dentist is. So I brought my friend with me on my next visit and he got to see how Dr. Mathew and her team go the extra mile to make it a caring and fun filled atmosphere. "

- Jackie

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