Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

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We addressed the fracture of the two front teeth. At the same time, we fulfilled patient’s long time desire to close the gap between those teeth.
Patient came to our office with these two large fillings on the lower front teeth and wanted to start working on beautifying her smile. First step, replace the failing fillings with crowns.
 Just as varying degrees of damage may occur to a tooth, we have various methods of restoration. When necessary, Dr. Mathew will suggest a dental crown to restore optimal form to a tooth that may have been worn down, broken, fractured, or otherwise weakened. The full coverage of a well-made crown encapsulates vulnerable structure and absorbs much of the force that occurs when you chew. In this way, further damage can be prevented.

A crown is intended for restoration that improves the strength and durability of a tooth. This prosthetic may be used if we need to remove a large filling from a tooth or if a tooth has cracked significantly. Crowns are often placed over teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy because these teeth may become brittle and fragile. It is also possible to gain cosmetic benefit from a lifelike crown that is placed to improve the size, shape, or color of a tooth.

While dentists have been placing crowns for over 100 years, there have been significant improvements in the method and materials used to conduct this treatment. Patients today may choose the strength of metal crowns while also preserving the natural appearance of their tooth with a porcelain overlay. Porcelain-fused-to-metal, or PFM crowns, are very popular among patients who are concerned about appearance.
There are also metal-free options available for patients who have allergies or for those who simply prefer to remain as close to natural as possible in the way they have their smile treated. Dr. Mathew is most concerned about achieving lasting results through means that her patients are comfortable with choosing. During your consultation for treatment, she will answer your questions and will provide the pertinent details of crowns so that you will feel comfortable moving forward.

One of the essential uses of dental crowns is to aid in the replacement of missing teeth. Many of our patients choose to replace teeth with conventional bridge treatment. The fixed bridge is the most stable option, which is ideal for comfort and for function. This prosthetic requires us to prepare the teeth adjacent to a gap. We will take impressions and send data to our reputable dental lab where the final bridge will be fabricated from high quality material. Once adhered to teeth, the bridge will restore the natural look and feel of your smile while also holding up to the force of chewing.

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"I have always been very nervous about dental appointments, but Dr. Mathew and her team were so gentle and caring, that by the end of my appointment I was laughing and having fun. I told my friends, I never had so much fun at a Dental appointment before and they wanted to see who this Dentist is. So I brought my friend with me on my next visit and he got to see how Dr. Mathew and her team go the extra mile to make it a caring and fun filled atmosphere. "

- Jackie

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